Engineered Parquet Intasa

The company uses a differential production system that is also technologically advanced and leading-edge. The industrial processes are carried out with state-of-the-art machinery.  The production capacity of the INTASA plants allows us to meet a high product demand.Together with this technology and an intense R&D process we have achieved unique and differentiated products that provide solutions to our clients' needs.  A clear example of this constant innovation are the patents used by the company. 

The INTASA business group belongs to GADISA, one of Spain's largest firms.  We are present in a wide variety of sectors, such as energy, hotel, food supply and distribution, or wood, among others. With more than 7,000 employees and a turnover above 1,200 million Euros during the last year, we are constantly moving towards new markets while sharing a single philosophy.Creating wealth day by day makes us stand out as a main business group.

Since its inception at the end of the 40s, INTASA Business Group was born with the philosophy of creating wealth through top quality products, while at the same time respecting nature. Today, this sustainable development has proven to be the right path towards growth, always with our mind set on the heart of our work: the forests.

INTASA vertically controls the entire production process through its own specialised companies.  This vertical structure allows us to adapt to market changes and to our clients' demands.  Our commitment to service has led us to create our own transportation company, Totransa, that guarantees that the quality chain reaches each and every one of our clients.The manufacturing process for our panels and floors, performed completely in Spain, distinguishes us because of our quality, speed and flexibility.

Our industrial processes are audited each year by AENOR, who grants us the ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems; ISO 14001 for environmental management, and the ISO 166001,for R&D projects. Moreover, the platform floors that we produce bear the Real Wood seal from the European Federation of the Parquet Industry that guarantees that the products are manufactured using natural wood.

A job well done has no boundaries, which is why our products are present in more than seventy countries, because export forms part of our success.

Standard Line
Essence Line Oak with textures and colours
Quality Control Certificates Structure and Specs
Classification configuration Cut and Finishes

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