Roof Windows

Roof Windows

  • The installation of roof windows is recommended in the case your attic is a living area, in which you prefer natural light and ventilation. In spaces as attics or as rooms with excessively high ceilings the installation of roof windows becomes essential. The top manufacturing italian company Faelux offers a variety of innovative types of roof windows, suitable for each need of yours, allowing you to enjoy the natural light and of course to create a well-ventilated with fresh air environment.
  • Whether you desire to install the roof window on a low part of the roof (eg on a roof with a short ceiling) we highly recommend BA type roof windows. This individual type with an easy opening and closing system is the most flexible model Faelux can offer, as it is really easy to use even if the access is limited (eg. furniture in front of the window). A really important point is, that Faelux includes the sealant in the package, saving you the extra expenses of buing it seperately.
  • In the case that you desire to install the roof window on a high point of the roof and you need a manual control of it at the same time, then the solution is here with VL and VB type roof windows. This particular type is the best solution when it also comes to emergency exits, as the opening rotation extends up to 180°.
  • In case that the desired installation point has a very limited access or you just prefer to totally control everything automatically, then the solution for you is automatically operated BA type roof window. You can choose either electric or solar energy as your power supply. This particular type of roof window comes with pre-installed rain sensors.
  • Finally, whether one roof window is not enough for you, our related accesories are here to cover your needs. All you need to do is decide how many roof windows you are planning to install and their placement. The circumferential metallic sealant system will do the rest to finish the project ,up to the final touch.


Faelux Strongpoints:

  • SPECIALISTS IN NON-STANDARD SIZES! Faelux has custom-made roof windows in non-standard sizes (in the dimension you want) ready for delivery within 4-5 weeks.
  • Faelux windows are created using the most advanced manufacturing techniques.
  • Faelux guarantees quality and professionalism for over 35 years

Roof Window BA with rotating opening.
Roof Window VB dual action frame, top hung and combined top hung and centre pivot.
Roof Window VL top hung frame.
Roof Window L plus with side hung frame.
Roof Window Jolly with flap opening frame.

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