Opening systems

Products for Houses

The opening aluminium systems of  PALMO can ensure ideal conditions for your house.

The PALMO aluminium systems are designed and manufactured based on strict specifications and state-of-the-art technology.

The complete lines of top-quality and top-design products can offer you:

Thermal insulation, ensuring ideal temperatures both in winter and summer.

Sound insulation, ensuring protection against noise, for perfect tranquility.

Thightness, protecting you against the rain and the wind.

Security, thanks to special reinforcements and mechanisms.

8500 Thermo Opening System
Europa A40 SI-HS
Alousystem Plus 56 is a system for hinged aluminium frames with...
Alousystem Plus 65 is ALCO’s leading system for hinged aluminium frames with...
The Alousystem Plus 45 series has been tested at the international...

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