Engineered Parquet ter Hürne

One-click installation ClickTec
The ClickTec installation system permits a glue-free and tool-free installation. The self-aligning planks ensure an extremely stable connection that is immediately ready for use.

The AkusTec lining “Silence” of Avatara-Floor range consists of a 1.5 mm thick, flexible polyolefin coating which is permanentlyattached to the back of the board.

The properties of AkusTec “Silence” at a glance:

•High noise reduction (-34% footfall sound) according to IHD works standard 431
•Levelling of minimal floor unevenness with a noise-reducing effect: the soft material adapts itself flexibly to the underlying floor, preventing the formation of hollow spaces
•Thanks to the low installation height of the AkusTec coating, the total structure is still low and thus renovation-friendly
•The material is environmentally friendly and does not contain any emitting or harmful substances.

S.D.A.S stands for the impact and pressure resistance system developed by ter Hürne for lacquered surfaces. The multi-layered lacquered structure gives added protection against strong impacts, because it is both elastic and flexible. Lacquered surfaces that are too hard and rigid lead to clearly visible scratches. The ter Hürne lacquered floors are particularly easy to care for.

Oil-treated engineered parquet floors and solid wood floor surfaces have a unique, natural charisma and feel just like pure wood. The NatureProTec oil prevents dirt or stains from penetrating into the surface. The look and texture remain naturally beautiful, because oil-treated floors from ter Hürne are simply resistant.

Handling water is part of everyday life in every household. The highly effective protection HydroPro- Tec ensures that moisture which is unintentionally left standing on the floor for a relatively long time cannot penetrate into the surface. This special oil/wax emulsion at the ends of the planks prevents rapid penetration into the surface. Every engineeredparquet product from ter Hürne enjoys this particular luxury.

Showing character 

Personalities with character are people who make their mark, who remain true to their opinions and individuality. Real wood possesses unique characteristics that live up to this claim. Four different colour ranges provide a framework for our collection of engineered parquet floors with numerous wood species and surface textures to represent specific living worlds.

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