The Nordic Freshness mood suggests calm and balanced joie de vivre. Rooms bathed in light, gentle, bright pastel shades, sky blue and white and soft shapes all characterise this attitude to life. Straightforward and honest, timeless, uncomplicated and practical, the Nordic style radiates its refreshing lightness. Anyone who chooses these furnishings is searching for quiet and peace, wants to recharge his batteries and is balanced and playful.

A02a Oak white grey 1855
A12 Pine light grey (new)
A01 Oak white grey 1855
A02 Oak pearl white 1341
A03 Pine shell white 1443
A04 Oak pastel white 1857
A05 Oak plane-marked grey white 1432
A06 Oak moon grey 1483
A07 Oak light grey 1842
A08 Oak Ashford grey brown 1385
A09 Oak light beige 1859
A10 Oak sand brown 1382

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